Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald was the government’s re-enactments of his actions, after the assassination.

According to conspiracists, they weren’t able to reproduce it (also known as, not being able to get him downstairs in time to encounter Officer Baker and Roy Truly), but according to lone nut supporters, they were!  So my purpose here is to see who is misinformed.

First off, though, one must remember that this part of the case is purely conjecture.  Because the only one who knew what Oswald did, was Oswald.  But since he was killed two days later, he did not live long enough to prove what he did, or did not do.

Now naturally, these two re-enactments occurred on March 20, 1964, with David Belin serving as host and participant, along with Marion Baker, Roy Truly, and Secret Service Agent, John Howlett.

Gathering at the southeast corner, of the sixth floor, of the TSBD, the foursome began their re-enactments just after what would have been the sound of the last shot fired.  Upon doing this, they immediately began walking northbound, down the first aisle, closest to the building’s east wall 1 2.

Reaching the northeast corner, they turned left, walking west, toward the northwest corner 3 4. Reaching the northwest corner, they then stopped, and went through the motions of hiding the assassin’s weapon 5 6.

__It should be noted that the route taken by the WC seemed to be the most logical 7.  It should also be noted that on the day of the assassination, at approximately 1:20 pm, a rifle was found hidden in that northwest corner, hence the reason for them going through motions of hiding a weapon.

__The hiding of the weapon: Although Baker and Roy Truly testified that John Howlett had went through the motions of hiding it (actually David Belin led them to say that), he himself said he just sat it down on the floor 8.  With that, the four men then went down the northwest staircase, and into the second floor lunchroom, where the timing stopped.

According to the testimony of Baker and Truly,

the first re-enactment took a minute-eighteen seconds, the second took a minute-fourteen/a minute-fifteen seconds 9 10!  In his affidavit, John Howlett said that he did the second run-through without being out of breath, despite taking it at a fast pace 11.

So there you have it; the government proving that Oswald could make it downstairs in time to encounter Baker, all without even being out of breath.

Of course, this is only valid if they included all the then, and now known facts.  If they didn’t, then that makes this whole thing null and void.

One more thing; when Allen Dulles asked Roy Truly if Oswald could have taken one of the elevators down to the second floor, he said flat out ‘No Sir; he just could not’ 12, as in he just could not of.  So suggestion otherwise, is just plain reaching.

To that end, and going by what Roy Truly said needed to be done (for Oswald to take the elevator) 13; he would have made better time taking the staircase, than the elevator.

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