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Before we go on to the government’s re-enactments of Oswald’s actions, let’s talk about what Officer Baker and Ms. Reid said Oswald was wearing that day.

Baker says that when he encountered Oswald in the second floor lunchroom, he had on a light brown jacket, with some kind of white looking shirt underneath it 1.  Baker’s police affidavit also says that he had on a light brown jacket 2.  When asked later by Allen Dulles if Oswald was wearing the same clothes at the police station that he had on at the Depository, Baker said no, he was not 3.

Ms. Reid said that when she saw Oswald, he had on nothing but a white T-shirt 4, with nothing in his hands except a full bottle of coke 5.  She was adamant that he did not have on any jacket, or any shirt, over his T-shirt 6.  So those who claim she just totally missed the fact that he had on a jacket, or shirt, apparently did not read her testimony.

That said, normally this would not be a problem. However, the next people to quote, see him, made it one.

According to the Dallas Police Department, as well as the Warren Commission, after Oswald left the Depository, he got on a city bus.  The problem with this is that the person who got on this bus, at Elm and Murphy, in downtown Dallas, was wearing a jacket, according to two witnesses, or a brown colored shirt, according to another.

So if Baker and Roy Truly were the first ones to see Oswald, after the assassination, and Reid was the second, then that means that after Oswald encountered Baker, he took off his jacket.  Then after encountering Reid, he put back on another.

Roy Truly was asked, by the Warren Commission, if he told Captain Fritz what kind of clothing Oswald had on (no, he did not) 7, but he was not asked directly, or even indirectly, if he himself remembered what kind of clothing he had on.

The Timing of Oswald
The Timing of Mrs. Reid