of Mrs. Reid


On March 20, 1964, David Belin did three re-enactments with Ms. Reid.  They were done to determine when she had her own encounter with Oswald.

Coming in at a time of two minutes 1,  Ms. Reid was asked if this was a minimum time, or a maximum time: She said it was definitely a minimum 2.

Like he had done with Baker, but would not afford to Oswald, David Belin seemed glad to point out that these were minimum times.  In this case, remarking about how he and Ms. Reid were both huffing and puffing, at the end of each run through 3.

To discuss Ms. Reid’s actions, at the time of the assassination…she was outside, in front of the Depository, when it took place.  Hearing the shots, her first impression was that they did originate from inside the building, so she looked up!  Looking up, she saw James Jarman, Bonnie Ray Williams and Harold Norman hanging out a window.  James Jarman was the only one that she knew by sight 4.

At the time, Ms. Reid never dreamed that any of the workers had anything to do with the assassination, much less these 5.

After the shots, after looking up, Ms. Reid ran inside the building, via the front entrance.  The reason she did this is because she thought the shooter was now taking pot shots at everyone (she had seen where people were falling to the ground) 6!

Inside the building, she ran up the southeast staircase (the front stairs), in order to reach the second floor.  Reaching it, she then entered the second floor office space, which is where she encountered Oswald.  He himself had entered it through the west entrance, apparently just after she had entered it through the east, in which they then crossed paths about in the middle 7.  Doing so, she told him about the president being shot at, yet he supposedly responded with nothing more than a mumble 8.

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