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On March 20, 1964, WC junior council member, David Belin, performed three sets of re-enactments.

The first set dealt with how long it took Officer Baker to encounter Oswald, after hearing the first shot fired.  Participating in this re-enactment was of course Baker, as well as Roy Truly, and David Belin.

The starting point for these timings was roughly 60-80 feet north, of the northeast curb of Main and Houston 1, and with what would have been the sound of the first shot fired, Baker revved up his bike to the front of the Depository, traveling a total of 180-200 feet 2.

In front of the Depository, Baker parked and dismounted his bike ten feet east of the turn signal light 3.  He then went up the steps and into the building, where he met up with Roy Truly.

From this point forward, the two men then went to the back of the building, went through the motions at the elevators, and then headed up the northwest staircase, culminating with Baker encountering Oswald, in the second floor lunchroom.

The finish time was a minute, thirty seconds (the first time), a minute, fifteen seconds (the second) 4.  However, both men said these times were a minimum 5 6.

In fact, David Belin, when questioning Baker, even made a point to point out that they did not include all the known variables, such as Baker scanning the scene, once getting off his bike 7.  For which he said that he actually saw someone leave, on foot, and then come back to the motorcade, all before he himself entered the building.

To this point, though, the Couch film proves that in reality, Baker wasted little time in dismounting his bike, and racing up to the front steps.

We know this because of the testimony of Couch himself.

Couch was sitting on top of the back of the backseat of the press car, during the motorcade, which was seventh in line (five behind Kennedy). Like Baker, they had just turned onto Houston when they (he) heard the first shot fired, but it was not until the third shot that Couch realized what was going on 8.

After the third shot, Bob Jackson, who was in the press car with Couch, saw the gun barrel sticking out the window.  After looking up and seeing it for a second himself 9, Couch then lifted his camera to eye level, and started filming (as they turned onto Elm) 10.  The first thing that he captured was Baker running up to the front steps of the TSBD.

Couch says that they were 50-60 feet south of the Elm Street/Houston intersection, when they heard the third shot 11: That they were then 25 feet south of the intersection 12, when he saw the rifle barrel being withdrawn.

So, it’s obvious that Couch was filming within seconds of the third shot fired, and that Baker himself wasted no time in dismounting his bike and racing up to the front steps.

Still further proof of this is that Baker was riding at the side of the fourth press car 13, at the time of the first shot fired, whereas Couch was in the second. So Baker was actually behind Couch, by essentially two cars, when he heard the third shot fired, and only then revved up his bike.

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