Oswald: Did He Do Any

Did Oswald do any work on the day of the assassination?  In some ways, it seems irrelevant. However, I can understand why it’s asked. Because if Oswald was doing his normal routine that day, versus hiding in the shadows and setting up his lair, then that would seem to make him less apt to be the assassin in waiting.

When the Warren Commission asked building superintendent Roy Truly if he knew how many book orders Oswald filled that day, he said no 1. When asked if it was possible to go back and check, he again answered in the negative (no).

The problem with the Depository, and their work records, is that they went by a good faith system. In other words, there was no time clock 2, and they only occasionally ran audits to verify that their workers were pulling their load 3 4 5.

This no time clock issue, along with the ‘only occasional audits’ calls into question these claims that Oswald couldn’t have done this, and couldn’t have done that, because records indicate he was at work that day.  What records?  There were no records.  If Oswald skipped off for an hour to meet up with somebody, all he had to do was pick it up a bit when he got back.

Roy Truly also said that finding work orders, on Oswald’s clipboard, was not unusual.  He said it was normal for book order fillers to grab a handful of slips, and then turn them in as they went along 6.

Roy Truly believed he actually saw Oswald working that morning 7 8.

James Jarman says he saw him on the first floor, filling orders, when he first came into work 9. Harold Norman saw him on the first floor too, filling orders, at about ten o’clock 10.  Note that Norman was the one looking out the window, not Oswald. Oswald was working.

Jack Dougherty saw him pulling stock, on the sixth floor, at about 11:00 o’clock 11.  Eddie Piper saw him working on the first floor, at noon, that day 12. William Shelley, his boss, said that when he came into work that morning, he saw Oswald filling book orders 13.

So there you have it; proof that Oswald was working that morning, and no proof that he wasn’t.

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