Oswald Encountering

Whether Oswald was the shooter or not, he encountered three people in the Depository before he left it.

The first two, according to the WC, were with Baker and Truly.  The third was with Ms. Reid.  In which all three encounters occurred within two minutes of the assassination.

As for as leaving the building is concerned, the Commission said he was out of there within three.

Of course, as we now know, all this was impossible, if Oswald was the shooter.  Because the soonest he could have encountered just Baker and Roy Truly alone, was three minutes, fifty-one seconds, past the last shot fired.

For the sake of argument though, let’s say that he did do this shooting, and that he did have this encounter, at this time: how long did it last? According to Baker, 30 seconds, from the time he first saw him, at the hallway door, and until the time he let him go 1.

So, when we put Oswald back at the hallway door, we have to take back 7 seconds, off the clock. Then we have to add 30 seconds to it,

bringing the total flight time, of Oswald, the assassin, to four minutes, fourteen seconds, thus far.

After Baker encountered Oswald, and then let him go, it is said that Oswald bought himself a coke.

Taking into account Oswald having to walk back to the coke machine 2, having to dig for change, having to select a soda, and having to retrieve it and open it; another 25 seconds had to pass, before he then decided to leave the building altogether.

Leaving the building, Oswald chose to cut across the second floor office space, in route to the southeast staircase.  Reaching it, he then went down to the first floor and exited the building, via the front entrance.  While doing this, of course, he encountered Ms. Reid, in the second floor office space.

The total time it would have taken a calm Oswald 3 to reach the front doors, from the second floor lunchroom, was at least 50 seconds.

When you combine this time with the time it took him to buy a coke, we have a minute, fifteen seconds, plus four minutes and fourteen seconds, for a grand total of five minutes, twenty-nine seconds, since the time of the last shot fired.  Or in other words, if Oswald was the lone assassin, and since the assassination ended at 12:30 pm, and 55 seconds, he could not have left the depository any sooner than 12:36 pm, and 24 seconds.

He was supposed to have left it by 12:33.

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