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So at two minutes past the last shot fired, and with his boxes now re-arranged, our shooter is finally ready to leave the sniper’s lair.  Before he can leave though, he first has to make it through the same wall of boxes  that Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney had to make it through, when discovering it 1.

I say this because when officer Mooney squeezed in through those boxes, he did so because there was no opening otherwise.  He did make mention (to the Warren Commission) about seeing a photograph, later on, that showed an opening, but just before that, he told them explicitly that the sniper’s lair was surrounded by a wall of boxes 2.

Now these boxes were full, not empty, so our shooter definitely took at least 10 seconds to get through them, or longer if he had to close up the wall behind him.  So at two minutes-ten seconds past the last shot fired, he now leaves the southeast corner all together.

Taking the route that David Belin and company took 3, it would take 27 seconds to reach the northwest corner, and that is a no-guess time, at a fast walk. When I say no-guess time, I mean I was able to confirm it, inside the Texas School Book Depository itself (The Sixth Floor Museum).  Thus at two-minutes, thirty-seven seconds past the last shot fired, our shooter is now at the northwest corner, ready to hide his weapon 4.

Here a Box, There a Box, Everywhere a Box Box

the Northwest Corner

The Hiding of the Weapon