The JFK Assassination


Planting Oswald in Dallas

The Curtain Rod Story

The Ring

A Note Left on the Morning of the Assassination

Oswald: Did He Do Any Work on the Day of the Assassination?

The Oswald, Baker, Roy Truly Encounter

The Timing of Baker

The Timing of Mrs. Reid

What was Oswald Wearing?

The Timing of Oswald

Was the Timing of Oswald’s Actions Correct?

Here a Box, There a Box, Everywhere a Box-Box

The Walk to the Northwest Corner

The Hiding of the Weapon

Down the Northwest Staircase, and into the Second Floor Lunchroom

The Timing of Oswald’s Actions: Who’s Correct?

Oswald Encountering Baker, Roy Truly and Mrs. Reid

Getting on a City Bus

Catching a Taxi

The Shooting of Police Officer J.D. Tippit

Dale Myers, Officer Tippit, and His Case against Lee Harvey Oswald

The Note that Lee Wrote

The Camera

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